In Explore, we will detail a number of tools which are useful for carrying out context analysis from a security perspective. These tools help us to accurately identify the threats we face, and strategies and plans to prevent or respond to them.

Explore 03


Threats refer to any potential event or occurrence which would cause harm to ourselves, our friends and colleagues or our work.

You may already be familiar with a number of these tools and strategies, or use them without being especially explicit or organised about it. However, being more systematic about your security will help you make a more complete 'diagnosis' of your situation, and perhaps challenge the assumptions you may have made about it.

This process is sometimes also referred to as threat modelling or risk analysis.

In the following Chapters, we will:

  • suggest a series of steps for carrying out context analysis

  • carry out a simple exercise for understanding the socio-political trends around us

  • map out our vision and the actors around us in this context

  • create an inventory of our information as a resource for our work, and understand the threats to it

  • recognise and analyse indicators which tell us more about our security situation

  • identify and analyse the most relevant threats to our security.


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