In Prepare, we will take the first steps towards adopting an organised approach to our security as human rights defenders.

Prepare 01


A holistic approach to security begins by recognising that security is a personal and subjective concept which is dependent on our own context: therefore, we must reclaim this concept and define it for ourselves. We will also establish self-care, well being and digital security as fundamental when taking a holistic approach to security.
Even if this is the first time that you will take an organised approach to security, nobody starts this process from scratch. Furthermore, everyone perceives their security differently. Developing and maintaining a healthy perception of our security situation is key to a successful security strategy.
In Prepare, we will lay the foundations for our security strategy. We will examine a number of factors which colour our perception like our intuition, our existing security and well-being practices, the beliefs we hold as individuals and groups, the ways in which we respond to threats and communicate about security. We will identify key points to recognise, reflect and take action upon in order to foster an empowered approach to security and effective group communication to maintain our well-being in action.
In the following Chapters, we will:
  • Define what security means to us
  • Explore what we mean when we refer to holistic security
  • Reflect on our existing security practices
  • Learn about natural reactions to danger, and their advantages and limitations
  • Consider the ways in which personal beliefs and values inform our activism and perception of security, and impact group dynamics
  • Explore some typical team, peer and organisational responses to threat
  • Highlight best practices for communicating about security within groups and organisations.


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