Reflecting on Perceiving Threats

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Purpose & Output

This exercise will help you improve your recognition and analysis of threats in order to respond adequately. You will learn to recognise your own blind spots and missing processes for identifying threats as well as creating processes to fill these gaps.

Input & Materials

Use the list of threats from the Threat Brainstorm for this exercise.

Format & Steps

Individual reflection or group discussion

Ask yourself or the group the following questions:

  1. Were there any threats which you discovered or which were mentioned by others, which you wouldn't have been aware of previously?
  2. If you did the exercise in a group, was anyone else surprised by the threats you mentioned? Why?
  3. How long do you think the threats you identified existed before you became aware of them?
  4. How might you have become aware of them sooner?
  5. How do you communicate in your group, with your colleagues about them?
  6. What makes them feel more or less serious?
  7. Can you identify any threats that feel more serious than they might actually be?
  8. If you are working with a group: what are the differences in your answers to the above? What makes you think of the same threat in different ways?

Remarks & Tips

It can be overwhelming listing all the threats you face. Be sure not to rush this exercise and to allow space for people to express their feelings as they go. If you find this exercise useful, consider making it a regular (weekly or monthly) exercise.